License Option

We offer flexible licensing options for our FaceSDKs to accommodate various use cases and deployment scenarios. Whether you're evaluating our SDKs with a free trial or ready to purchase a perpetual license for your product, we have licensing solutions to meet your needs.

License Type

- Free Trial License (15 Days)

Our free trial license allows you to evaluate our FaceSDKs for a period of 15 days. During this trial period, you'll have access to all the features and functionalities of our SDKs, enabling you to thoroughly assess their capabilities and integration suitability for your project. This trial license is ideal for developers and organizations looking to explore our SDKs before making a purchasing decision.

Once you've evaluated our SDKs and are ready to integrate them into your product, you can purchase a perpetual license. Our perpetual license provides you with ongoing access to the SDKs without any time limitations, allowing you to use them indefinitely in your applications.

Licensing Model

- Server SDK License (Windows, Linux)

One license is required per server machine, identified by its Hardware ID (HWID).

- Mobile SDK License (Android, iOS)

One license is required per application, identified by its App ID or Bundle ID.

One-Time Licensing Fee

Our licensing model operates on a one-time fee basis. Once you've purchased a license, you'll have perpetual access to the SDKs without any recurring charges. This straightforward pricing structure ensures transparency and predictability in your licensing costs.

The license fee includes future support and updates.

Contact Us

For detailed information on licensing options, including pricing, please Contact us.

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