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RECOGNITO FaceSDK is used in hundreds of applications for identifying and authenticating users with webcams, looking up matching faces in photo databases and automatically detecting face liveness on still images. FaceSDK has been used for building secure identification, surveillance, time and attendance control systems.

Library type, High-level API SDK

RECOGNITO FaceSDK is a set of libraries you can use to develop your application with C++, Python, objective C, Swift, Java.

FaceSDK offers the high-level API (Application Programming Interface) for face detection, feature extraction, match and face liveness detection on still images

  • Face Detection API: Detect frontal faces on still image and Head rotation (In-plane -30°~30°, Out-of-plane -30°~30°) is supported.

  • Face Template Extraction API: The face template is extracted for further usage in the Face verification operation and User facial feature data storage.

  • Face Match API: Calculate similarity between two facial features

  • Liveness Check API: Perform liveness check of the provided face and returns the liveness score


  • Windows 2019/2022, Windows 10, Windows 11

  • Linux Ubuntu 20.04 and later

  • Android 5.0+ (platform version 21+), arm64 (arm64-v8a)/ armv7 (armeabi-v7a)/ x86/ x86_64

  • iOS 9.0+, arm64/ armv7/ x86_64/ x86

Copy-protected SDK

RECOGNITO FaceSDK is a copy-protected library, and must be activated with a license key before its use.

All features of FaceSDK will not work unless the SDK is activated.

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