Face Liveness Detection Performance

ISO 30107 compliant face liveness detection

ISO 30107 compliant face liveness detection

ISO 30107 compliant face liveness detection, which prevents cheating with a photo in front of a camera, is available in certain RECOGNITO's Face SDKs.

RECOGNITO's Passive liveness detection is the most sophisticated anti-spoofing technology. It does not require any special hardware, nor does it ask users to perform any actions to prove the liveness - it works just by analyzing images.

RECOGNITO's Passive liveness detection accuracy has been thoroughly tested by our +70 Partners and by the development and security teams for hundreds of Apps and numerous State and Federal Governments.

RECOGNITO Passive Liveness Detection

RECOGNITO's Face Liveness Detection protects against a full range of attacks, including:

  • Highly scalable digital injected attacks: replayed or synthetic imagery such as Deepfakes that bypass the device camera or are injected into the data stream.

  • Presentation attacks: physical or digital artifacts presented to the device camera.

RECOGNITO's Face Liveness Detection is an active threat management technology integral to client protecting against evolving, novel attack methodologies.

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